We of the SCENAR Practitioner’s Association, have an active SCENAR Practitioner background.  We are continually self improving and are committed to providing comprehensive, high quality and affordable treatments for a pain free and Healthy Life.  We work with our SPA Members and Clients to promote vibrant good health and wellness in a professional and caring environment.   We strive to uphold only the highest standards of training and treatments at all times.  We work closely with SPA Members, and via our SPA systems, we are approachable, available and supportive, creating stronger integrated SCENAR Practitioners who are in touch with SPA and up to the minute training and information for future direction.

We too have busy Clinics and initiated the SCENAR Practitioner’s Association for the benefit of all.

We work in a modality, that values the importance of educating both the Public and Professional Bodies; and in doing this we all need to support each other and assist with knowledge and skill development where needed.

We continue to grow rapidly due to our caring and dedicated commitment to our members and clients.


‘’Personally and professionally it gives me great fulfilment helping grow a strong community of professional SCENAR Practitioners reach their full potential as confident, competent and successful practitioners, hence achieving their client’s goals for greater health”


Join us on our journey to connect OUR Professional SPA Community throughout Australia.