SCENAR technology demonstrated during the recent Wellness Expo in Sydney

RITM Australia attended the recent Wellness Expo in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The expo was focused on holistic approaches to staying healthy and keeping fit at home and at work.

During the event RITM’s team demonstrated the SCENAR technology – non-invasive, quick and effective pain relief electrotherapy.

We have been approached by over 30 visitors, looking for holistic and natural modality for mental and physical health.

Our team has provided demo treatments to over 15 people with various pain conditions and, all of them has experienced pain relief regardless of the pain level. The quickest treatment took one and a half minute with pain reduction of 4 (VAS from 7 to 3).

Our booth was so busy that we didn’t have time to make may photos.

We are really pleased with the show as this gave us the opportunity to show and provide more information about the brilliant SCENAR technology.


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