SCENAR Practitioners Association (SPA) AGM

During the international SCENAR Conference, 2019 held in Brisbane, we organized our SCENAR Practitioners Association (SPA) AGM on the 7th April 2019; with 22 members present it enabled us to clarify and define what our association is about and how it will move forward and offer support and benefits to its members.

SPA has been established out of a need for all SCENAR practitioners to be a member of an association which is aligned to the Russian Vision and Protocols, thereby enabling us to be competent and confident with the best and most up-to-date developments in SCENAR Technology. SPA upholds the need for professionalism and ensuring that the highest standards in SCENAR practice are maintained by SPA members.

It was created to provide collegiate support through client referring and shared knowledge and believes it is necessary to give back and support its members: hence a 20% discount on all training and products applies to all members.

All those members that attended the International SCENAR conference 2019, SPA will reimburse a percentage of what you paid for your 2019 conference pro rata to membership length – send an email showing your receipt and bank details to Vera Payne.

SPA now has a Media/IT specialist who is developing and creating a strong social media presence through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Elections were taken for the board positions and the results were:

President: Michael R.E. Butler
Vice President: Kristine Ciok
Secretary: Dr Peta Zafir
Associate Secretary – Media /IT promotions: Mahmoud Khatib
Minute Secretary: Christine Taylor
Secretary Support Treasurer: Vera Payne
Other Board Member: Dr. Jessica Homes

SPA will be holding Board meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month and all are welcome; SPA’s Transparency is crucial and the development of goals and support structures will be put into place through our SPA constitution and SPA Website.

This newsletter will be for the benefit of all members and if you have any questions, inquires, want explanations, wish to share a treatment plan you have found successful or a success story, please send these to Peta Zafir at, and we will concentrate on clarifying and sharing your queries and experiences in upcoming monthly newsletters

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