Dr Jessica Homes is organising a SCENAR Home User in Mackay, QLD.

Learn how to use your Personal SCENAR device to get the best out of the technology and help yourself, family and friends.

Date: 14th November, 2020

Price: $150 per person

Dr Jessica Homes

I was born in London, England in 1979. After completing High School I was offered a position to study for five years at The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth England. By June 2002, I had completed my Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Human Sciences and Masters in the Science of Chiropractic and commenced practicing Chiropractic. I then chose to follow my passion for Paediatrics and signed up to begin another five year program specialising in Paediatric Chiropractic (I do love to study!) By 2007 I had travelled the world studying different forms of Chiropractic and other techniques, completed 12 diplomas ranging from Kinesiology to Craniosacral Therapy and had a successful family practice in London. By the time 2010 arrived I had opened three practices, had adjusted Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and had become a Master SCENAR Practitioner. I was fortunate enough to complete all my SCENAR training with the creator himself Professor Revenko. I have now been in Australia for a few years now and I am proud to call Mackay my home. I live here with my partner Adam and by beautiful little boy Oliver and now we have our baby – Eva


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