Interview with Prof Dr Alexander Tarakanov and Prof Dr Yuri Perfiliev

A detailed interview with the head of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Rostov State Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander Viktorovich Tarakanov and pediatrician, former associate professor of the Department of Pediatric Diseases of Rostov State Medical University, Candidate of Medical Sciences Yuri Igorevich Perfiliev.

The following questions are discussed: What is SCENAR? What diseases can be treated with SCENAR? At what age can SCENAR be used? What contraindications does SCENAR have? What clinical trials and studies did SCENAR undergo? Why is SCENAR widely used abroad?

Examples of effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, bruises and abrasions in children, acceleration of fracture healing, acceleration of healing for burns, pain relief for pain of various origins are given.

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