Interview with Dr Monique Latar – anesthesiologist and head of the Department of Pain Therapy at a medical facility in Dax, France

Monique Latar is anesthesiologist and head of the Department of Pain Therapy at a medical facility in Dax, France. Since 2019, she has studied the efficiency of SCENAR therapy and describes the results of the treatment of chronic myalgia in hands and collar.

Interview with Monique

Q: Can you please tell us how you became a SCENAR therapist?

A: I discovered SCENAR for myself when I treated a tape of an inflamed foot of one of my patients with his analogue and received a great, absolutely unpredictable result.

Q: Did this interest you in this field of medicine?

A: I told one of my colleagues about the results. And she again told me about the real SCENAR device. I tried it and immediately noticed the significant difference between a copy and the original device. I started using SCENAR to treat my patients and soon realized I needed to learn more about this little technological miracle. Me and my colleagues attended the SCENAR conference in Vienna and then to Berlin where I learned from Russian specialists. After that, Dr. Kulizskiy twice to our city of Biarritz and significantly expanded our knowledge of SCENAR therapy.

Q: What was your first impression after using SCENAR?

A: Very positive. The things I learned have only strengthened my faith and enthusiasm for SCENAR. This device is very useful for both patients and therapists. Today I already have about 5-6 years of SCENAR experience and use the device in almost all of my patients suffering from chronic pain. One of the nurses from my department also became a SCENAR therapist by watching me, and now it helps me work with an even larger number of patients.
I am an anesthesiologist but left surgery room 15 years ago to deal with patients with chronic pain. SCENAR is an invaluable device – easy to use and with great potential. I still feel like I’m not using 100 % of his abilities.

Q: Can you report on some of the most memorable patient cases?

A: I have many stories about miraculous improvements after SCENAR. Among them are neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, which are usually untreatable, shoulder traumas that had disappeared after several minutes of treatment, and so on. When we treat chronic pain, it usually takes longer, but we help our patients in almost all cases.

Q: Have you ever had patients who were skeptical about SCENAR? How do you work with them?

A: When I suggest SCENAR treatment to my patients, I always briefly explain the treatment mechanism. Yes, some of them were skeptical, but none of them refused to try, and most were surprised by the immediate results.

Q: What do your colleagues think about your practice?

A: Some of them have watched me and also used SCENAR, others come and ask me for treatment. I never reject. Some don’t know. I understand this because it’s difficult to reject all medications, traditional treatment methods at once. I think patients are actually more willing for radical changes in the type of treatment than the doctors.

Q: Are you conducting clinical trials?

A: I wanted to study, but I am the only physician for pain therapy in the entire department and work part time. I have a very busy schedule and little time for scientific research, which I regret. Large hospitals in the large cities where many doctors work can do such studies, but this is difficult for small clinics.

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