Interview with Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Interview with Dr. Irina Ershova MD

Irina Ershova is Director and Chief Physician of the Moscow SCENAR Center and a SCENAR therapist with more than 20 years of experience. Spe specializes in therapy, radiology, physiotherapy, reflex therapy and SCENAR therapy.

Q: You were a successful doctor. Why did you switch to SCENAR therapy?

A: When I graduated from Sverdlovsk Medical University, I worked in a major clinical hospital for five years and developed from an intern to head of the admissions department. This was a very good school of life that still helps me a lot. My second specialization was X-ray, but after eleven years as an X-ray, I had health problems. The chief physician of my hospital, Tamara Litvinova, suggested to master the ” new technologies This is how I discovered SCENAR therapy.

Q: When did you first use SCENAR?

A: 1996 during the training seminar organized by RITM OKB. Back then I met Yury Gorfinkel, Alexander Revenko and Yakov Grinberg. These three people had a great impact on my development as a SCENAR therapist. From the beginning I realized how unique this technology is. Same device, same rules, but you can treat different diseases – both acute and chronic! I was obsessed with SCENAR therapy.

Q: And who was your first patient?

A: First I was a patient myself and went through all the recovery phases. My health improved considerably and my choice turned out to be right.

I started learning more about SCENAR technology. In order to better understand the holistic approach to treatment of diseases, I studied reflex therapy and homeopathy. This gave me the opportunity to become a licensed SCENAR therapist. For many years of my SCENAR therapy practice I have treated different cases and different patients. I helped some people avoid disabilities and even saved lives. In any case, I had a trusted assistant named SCENAR!

Q: But who was your very first patient?

A: The very first patients were my family members – my husband, my son and my parents. At the time I lacked a lot of knowledge, but I was firmly convinced from the beginning that the SCENAR therapist is always right that the SCENAR device can’t do any damage and the body can treat itself. I learned this at my first SCENAR therapy training, and this has proven to be right many times during my long practice. My family helped me master the basics of this new specialization, and quickly felt the results of the “magic” treatment.

Q: We are often skeptical about Scenar therapy. Can you comment on this?

A: First of all, the majority of doctors don’t know or understand or don’t understand this technology. They often think that this is regular physical therapy with a variety of contraindications.

Second, SCENAR technology has a different approach to patients and diseases than conventional medicine. The doctors are very conservative and don’t tend to accept anything new and progressive.

Thirdly, there are many unfair offers in this market. You can’t ignore the negative experiences of those who have tried some types of “new” medical technologies and found that their advertising mostly does not match reality.

Finally, there is a lack of medical communication and promotion among doctors and patients.

Q: Can you please tell us about the most interesting case you had?

A: Every single patient is unique. I can talk for hours. Here’s an example: A woman, fifty-year-old, was diagnosed with a band tear by traumatologists. The joint movement was significantly restricted, each movement caused pain up to 10 points (NPRS) and up to 7 points in rest as well as oedema and hematomas. She had already installed the rail and was scheduled for surgery. But she refused and came to seek my advice.

Treatment was performed according to active local complaints algorithm. I treated the direct projection of the complaint area, symmetrical area and segments of the lumbar spine. After the first procedure, the pain had completely disappeared in peace and the pain during movement decreased to 3 points. She could even sit. After the second session the rail was removed.
The treatment course included 7 sessions. The pain disappeared completely restored joints.
Two weeks after the SCENAR course, the patient had another consultation at the CITO (Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics). The traumatologists concluded: There is no need for surgery!

However, this is not the end of the story. Soon she had a routine ultrasound examination of the small pelvis (she had a history of a large ovarian cyst that did not grow and was under the supervision of the gynecologist for several years).
And the ultrasound showed no cyst!
Both the patient and gynecologist couldn’t believe it.

But that’s a fact. In SCENAR technology, it was previously referred to as an unforeseen positive result. In many patients, the discomfort and chronic illnesses that were not at the center of SCENAR therapy disappeared.
In the end, all family members of this woman became my patients, and the gynecologist is now the active SCENAR user. This case proves once again that SCENAR therapy is the unique treatment method, especially in the acute phase.

Q: Should SCENAR become a common medical tool like a stethoscope or tonometer?

A: Worldwide SCENAR is positioned as a device for pain therapy. It also has significant anti-inflammatory and reparative effects. In addition, there are situations where conventional treatment has no or only minor effects. For example, decubitus in seriously ill patients. This means the most powerful pain, secondary infections and many other complications. With SCENAR, any doctor can help such patients in no time.

Q: Do you agree that every family should have a SCENAR device?

A: Every time something happens to me or my family, we use SCENAR first. And I always wonder – how do people live without them? This is our all-purpose first aid kit, especially in acute conditions. The most common example is respiratory disease. If you treat the projections of the affected organs, the treatment does not take longer than 1-2 days. No complications, often no medication is needed (our “beloved” paracetamol). Any of my patients know SCENAR can help in any situation, it’s a clinic and first aid in your pocket.

Q: How do you assess the prospects for developing SCENAR therapy?

A: The cholistic medicine that belongs to SCENAR therapy is the future. There is a lot to do to make this method known in general. I think today the main task of RITM OKB is to translate this method into the combined therapy of various diseases. I want to believe that SCENAR therapy will be much widespread in the near future. I hope so!

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