Interview with Dr Iosif Semikatov

Interview with Iosif Semikatov for the 40th anniversary journal of RITM OKB ZAO.

Dr Iosif Semikatov is a physician for general medicine, cardiologist, ambulance and SCENAR therapist (Russia).
Dr. Semikatov is one of the leading SCENAR therapists in Russia with more than 20 years of practice. He has been doing SCENAR therapy since 1995 and offers SCENAR training that are still extremely popular.

1. Why did you start SCENAR therapy? How did it affect you?

I came to SCENAR therapy from school medicine. Before that, I work as an ambulance doctor for many years. After a few years I started avoiding patterns and found individual therapy for each patient. When I came across SCENAR technology in 1995, I realized that I now have the opportunity to provide an individual and universal approach to the therapy of different conditions and diagnoses of patients.

2. How many patients did you heal with SCENAR? Could you please tell us the most interesting cases?

It’s not quite right to say ” healed I helped these patients overcome their problems. I’ve been doing SCENAR therapy for almost 25 years and although I actively work with my patients, I never counted. I’ve had quite a few of them, an average of 8-10 people a day. And there were also many successful cases with great results and many interesting ones as well. However, I don’t think it’s so important to remember certain cases. For me, it’s more important to say that since the beginning of my work with SCENAR, I have been amazed by the possibilities that nature offers into our bodies. These opportunities allow for such results that school medicine considers impossible.

3. What do you think is SCENAR’s place in modern medicine and where does it really belong?

Unfortunately, SCENAR’s place in modern medicine is not very significant at the moment. In my opinion, the wide range of the possibilities of this device allows you to use it very efficiently in various medical areas. I hope that SCENAR will become a common part of them sooner or later and will at least be used in the combined and complex treatment of patients with different pathologies. However, the biggest effect can be achieved if you use SCENAR to systemic treatment of the entire body with all its problems, not just in the respective diagnoses.

4. How efficient is SCENAR in surgery?

SCENAR can also be used in different areas in surgery. For example – SCENAR therapy course as a preoperative patient preparation for planned operations. Our goal is to reduce contraindications and increase the overall immunity of the body as any surgery is stress. It can also be a post-operative treatment course to prevent and reduce post-operative aggravation. Another option is the local treatment of tissues in the projection of the upcoming surgery to prepare them for traumatization. Post-operative treatment in projection of surgery can in turn significantly accelerate the process of tissue rehabilitation and reduce the risk of post-operative aggravation without medication. It is important that SCENAR often helps patients avoid surgery. For example, it can abscesses, whitlows, etc. treatment. The same applies to the use of SCENAR in gynaecology, urology and other areas where surgical interventions are performed.

5. Should SCENAR become a common medical instrument such as stethoscope or tonometer?

We should target it. However, every doctor should recognize the necessity for themselves because of his own experience. It is unlikely that we can achieve the desired result by forcing them to use the device.

6. How do you judge the prospects for developing SCENAR therapy in your country and worldwide?

Interest in SCENAR and SCENAR therapy in Russia and worldwide is growing from year to year. However, the perspectives are quite ambiguous. The more effective the universal results of this device and technology, the more active the resistance of the structures SCENAR see as real competitors that can slow down their profits, even if this means a deterioration of the patient’s well-being. This is why in the future, we will likely experience the increasing pressure on various official bodies that aim to form certain opinions and adopt resolutions that would hamper the development of SCENAR technology and its integration into conventional medicine. Such integration requires extensive scientific research and studies demonstrating the efficiency of SCENAR and SCENAR therapy. This requires good funding that is currently missing. However, I hope that this device and technology will take their rightful place on the road to the most important goal after overcoming all obstacles – to keep people all over the world. By aspera ad astra.

RITM OKB ZAO is celebrating their 40th Anniversary

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