FREE Webinar EMF & SCENAR Dose 5 – 14th November 7pm Sydney Time

Making the change to better health

FREE HELP SCENAR EMF Blanket – 14th November 7pm Sydney Time

+ Enter Energetic Structure with SCENAR + Dose 5 Meridians.

What can you do to protect your family and yourself from the threat of EMF towards your auto immune system?

I know there is a LOT of talk about the importance of the immune system right now.

But we cannot ignore what is happening.

It is disturbing to learn of the amount of studies that reveal how compromised our immune system is.  In this webinar we speak of the technology behind the ULM blanket. How it returns the bodies own healing abilities for faster regeneration, and at the same time blocking negative EMF Energies.  Mila will speak about the ancient eastern perspective of the bodies adaptive system and how to protect it.

You will learn how and why Mila used it throughout the years that has helped her clients and sport professionals for quick recovery maintaining higher energy levels.

Join the Live Q & A

Mila Godwill with a BSc Hons science background from London, over 15 years’ experience in scenar, trainer, specialised kinesiology lecturer speaks the effects on our energetic structure and what we can do to take back control.

About the Trainer

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Mila Royale Godwill BSc (Hons)
High Performance
APKE (Ass Professional Kinesiology Spain) SCENAR Spain & Goldcoast
SCENAR RITM OKB trained by Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Boris Kulizhskiy, Dr Jorg Prinz,

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