Confidently looking to the future – RITM OKB 40th Anniversary

RITM OKB ZAO has been developing and manufacturing high-end medical equipment for 40 years of its business.

Our main invention was the SCENAR device that now helps people all over the world.

Since the very first SCENAR was developed, RITM OKB ZAO have been carrying out R&D work to continuously develop, research and update the technology. High efficiency and safety of the devices are approved by numerous tests, clinical studies, national and international standards.

The initial successful researches were carried out back in 1986 by the leading institutes of the Soviet Union (Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after N.N. Priorov and Research Institute of Hominal Physiology named after P.K. Anokhin). At the same time RITM OKB registered their first patents, aimed at protection of their intellectual property. The R&D work has never stopped: many clinical studies were conducted by leading Russian institutes (Institute of Neurosurgery named after N.N. Burdenko, Central Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy), and special studies in Rostov Research Institute of Neurocybernetics and Rostov Institute of Biology.

Practising doctors were the first who got wonderful results and realized the advantages of SCENAR over the existing analogues. That accelerated the SCENAR therapy development. The first patents appeared, in which the measurement of the electrode-skin impedance was used to optimize the therapy. The treatment results of practitioners attracted scientists. Our partners from Rostov Research Institute of Oncology patented the “Method of Combined Treatment of Malignant Neoplasms” and the “Method of Treatment of Malignant Neoplasms in Experiment” with the use of SCENAR therapy. Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy patented the “Method for treatment of external genital endometriosis”, “Method for Treatment of Tuboperitoneal Infertility” and the “Method for Treatment of Urogenital Infections in Pregnancy”. Together with its Rostov partners, RITM OKB ZAO patented the “Method of Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction” and the “Method of Treatment of Abstinence Syndrome in Patients with Opium Addiction”. And many other studies and patents.

RITM OKB partners defended dissertations in various fields with the use of SCENAR therapy (treatment of early postinfarction angina, management of the consequences of the stress of various nature, treatment of duodenal ulcers, treatment and prevention of the aggravations of traumatic mandibular fractures, treatment of habitual miscarriage of infectious nature, and many others).

Other works evidenced the production of endorphins, enkephalins, and other neuropeptides in response to SCENAR therapy. The combination of these substances not only regulates the activity of the systems responsible for pain perception but also coordinates the functioning of many other body structures. It was also evidenced that in response to the SCENAR therapy the sanogenesis mechanisms provide for the oxidative stress reduction, a decrease of the lipid peroxidation products level in the blood, restoring the activity of the antioxidant protection ferments, and decrease in the number and severity of inflammation processes.

In 2005 the first article by the foreign author was published in Biologische Medizin journal, which was “SCENAR – Aktivierung von Heilprozessen durch individuelle Impulstherapie” (SCENAR – Activation of the Healing Processes by Individual Impulse Therapy) by Christian W. Engelbert. In 2006 another article was published in the same journal named “SCENAR und Homeosiniatry” (SCENAR and Homeosiniatry), which studied the SCENAR therapy use for the treatment of degenerative diseases, and, particularly, ankle traumas.

In 2007 the articles of Korean authors were published. They studied the efficiency of anti-pain SCENAR therapy, including the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome and treatment of lymphedema after radiation therapy. On the 15th International Congress on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology, the article by Italian orthopedist Massetti P. was introduced named “SCENAR: nuovo approccio diagnostico-terapeutico. Nostre esperienze in traumatologia sportive” (SCENAR: the New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach. Our experience in Sports Traumatology).

In the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies (NIFHAS) Siobhan A. Morse, John J. Giordano, and Arthur Anderson studied the SCENAR application for anti-pain therapy (2010). They showed that SCENAR has great potential in combined pain treatment, including chronic pain.

In 2017 Dr. Carlos Udina MD from Spain defends the very first SCENAR-related PhD thesis in the EU – the “Effects of neuroadaptive regulation therapy on central sensitization”. In Spain, very good results were obtained in using SCENAR in gynaecology; studies are ongoing to this day. Similar studies are carried out in France.

In 2019 a study was carried out at the Bundang Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Seongnam (South Korea), which compares the effectiveness of SCENAR and TENS devices. The randomized placebo-controlled study involved 60 patients with neck pain resulting from car accidents. It was evidenced that SCENAR therapy provided for significant neck pain reduction and lower disability rate compared to the group of patients treated with TENS. That allows us to say that SCENAR therapy is more effective than TENS in the treatment of the collar region of the spine.

SCENAR became very popular abroad as the result of the regular training courses on SCENAR therapy carried out by the Russian doctors. These include lectures, workshops on treatment techniques for various disorders and at-home preventive care.

Dr. Yuri Starovoytov – CEO of RITM OKB ZAO

SCENAR changed my life. Over the 22 years, there have been many cases when a patient literally came back to life right before my eyes, started to enjoy his life, and believed that any disease could be treated. Everybody who has SCENAR is confident in his health and uses the device for preventive care, supporting the immune system. This also relates to RITM OKB ZAO staff, of course. They all have one or even several devices, home or professional, in their family. That significantly decreased the number of sick leaves.

We gave SCENAR to the world, gave the opportunity to live without pain, the possibility to control your health. I am proud to lead this company. We keep upgrading our devices and protecting our intellectual property. RITM OKB studies showed the advantages of using dry electrodes, which led to the development of special therapy techniques used in cosmetology. We keep developing the techniques based on the physical reactions of the body to SCENAR influence (electrode stickiness, change of the skin colour, change of the sound tone). Together with our foreign partners, we continue to gain experience in using SCENAR in gynecology, cosmetology, anti-viral therapy and other fields.

Currently, we manufacture new device models that are protected by Russian and foreign patents. The special modes that allow automatically adapting the treatment parameters to the particular patient are protected by the United States patent. Some of our know-how (dosing principles, special device tuning, digitalization and visualization of the feedback parameters) are still kept in secret. SCENAR is a unique and distinctive device, which makes it popular among the medical doctors of various specializations in Russia and other countries. Using professional SCENAR devices by medical doctors in combination with conventional treatment methods leads to nearly unbelievable results. We are confidently looking to the future and going to surprise and please the world over and over again.

Congratulations RITM OKB ZAO!

Wishing you many more years of unparallel success and unrivaled services. Happy anniversary! May this journey of success continue in the coming years.

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