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The energetic therapeutic application of D5 how to treat pain, application treatment of meridians with SCENAR and alarm points, an introduction to the energetic structure of the body.

A special opportunity to investigate the universal applications of the D5 and how to use the results to treat the energetic systems of the body with SCENAR algorithms. A mind opening presentation with practical simple techniques will discussed how to treat the meridians, balance the energetic mental and emotional systems of the body.

2 Physiotherapeutic application of SCENAR – this is a full course on the most common SCENAR Applications in a physiotherapy practice. It provides information about pain relief protocols that make quick difference in the patient condition. The course is appropriate for beginner and advanced SCENAR Practitioners and covers algorithm of therapy and procedures, treating the symmetries, Practical protocols for therapy of the spinal column, antiedematic protocol, Asymmetry of the lymphatic system, Myostimulation, Joint pain, Working with paired joints, Nerve root pain, Irradiation, Sacroiliac disease, Collar zone with split electrodes.

Stroke and Brain injuries

This session is to provide therapists with an insight into the main issues that arrive with both stroke victims and those who have suffered brain injuries & the differences between them.  We will look into how the Nervous System is subsequently affected and the various SCENAR Therapy techniques that can be used to substantially speed up their recovery.

Dose 5 application – the session is for Practitioners who own a Professional device with Dose 5 and those who are interested in Dose 5 application. The course will include theoretical and practical knowledge of how and when to use Dose 5, how to interpret the numbers and treatment protocols.

Complex Medical Histories: Musculoskeletal Imbalances – Cancer and a compromised Lymph System.

Simple musculoskeletal issues presenting in a multidisciplinary clinic environment are less common these days. Instead many people are presenting with a variety of problems. Cancer and a compromised lymph system being one of them.

We will briefly explore the function of the Lymph System. How after modern cancer Treatments these Lymph Pathways may have been compromised and how we can treat various pain Syndromes by integrating SCENAR Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

We will explore some case studies and hands on practice, which will deepen your understanding of the drainage pathways and at the same time will make you realize the individuality of a person’s circumstances and therefore the importance of clinical professionalism.

Building Your Business Successfully

Many people whether entering business for the first time, be it a Complimentary Clinic, Massage Rooms or adding and extending their established place of work; may lack the day to day knowledge of how to establish administration setup, attracting clients, holding clients, keeping records and professionally retaining files. Coming from a strong background in business I simplify how you may initiate sound protocols that are efficient and practical, which will lead you to less hours for more money and with a work and lifestyle balance.

How do we structure treatment sessions effectively, what protocols to use when, the gift of 3+6

One of the most common questions I get asked by practitioners is: “What protocols do I need to treat xermatosis?” In my trainings I tell my students – don’t ever ask me that question! Firstly, we do not treat a dis-ease, secondly the client may have not been diagnosed correctly or fully, and most importantly we must follow what the body is telling us. In my presentation I will lay out a comprehensive guide for practitioners to help them further understand and follow the amazing intelligence of the body’s healing responses with protocol examples.

New Effective Techniques to Produce Fast Results Treating the Most Common Condition You Will see in Your Clinic – Back Pain!

This session will demonstrate and teach a new way to use SCENAR to achieve better and quicker results in treating this prevalent condition.   Attendees will be able to have hands-on experience in using the methods taught and go back to their clinics and immediately apply what they have learned.


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